Due to the number of student emails I receive, I may not be able to respond individually to each one. I hope these answers below can compensate. Students are welcome to drop into office hours for more assistance.

Do you have office hours?

Regularly, and restarting in the Fall of 2024. Times and place/Zoom availability TBA, or contact me for an appointment.

Kindly please include “OH” in the email subject line.

Could I get a “permission to add” (PTA) number?

Usually the answer to this question is, unfortunately, no. I’m restricted by the actual number of seats in a classroom, especially section rooms in large lecture courses. If you are in my course and attended the first week of classes, you’re welcome to check in (via email) about the enrollment numbers and I’ll try my best to add you – I may not be able to respond individually.

Please include “PTA” in the subject line of your email or Canvas message.

Could I get a letter of recommendation (LOR)?

Usually the answer is that, yes, you can—if I know you and/or you were in my class. Please note, I usually would like at least two weeks lead time for a LOR. I realize some opportunities come up as a last-minute surprise to a candidate, so I try to accommodate last-minute requests. But I can only accommodate urgent letters on a “first-come, first-serve” basis, and with the caveat that I’ll write an urgent LOR only if I’m not under any other previous deadlines or obligations. More lead time is always preferred to “calendar” a request, and usually results in a stronger and more detailed LOR.

I ask that you send draft copies of your statements, curriculum vitae, and any other application materials when you email me, please.

Please include “LOR” in the email subject line.

Are you taking new grad students or post-docs? 

If you’re considering grad school, I’m happy to talk at any stage. Please note that I don’t have a “lab” and I don’t have a budget to employ a staff of grads and postdocs. Please email me and include helpful documentation, including personal background and academic goals.